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Healthcare United’s focus is on you, the patient, or on your organisation to support your patients’. Our Nurse Practitioner’s and Registered Nurses deliver best practice high quality patient outcomes by providing; professional, affordable, continuity and friendly care within the community.

Healthcare United is a private provider of healthcare in wound and diabetes consultancy service and medical products. We operate independently and always make our patients and customers the number one priority.

Your needs are our focus, our experienced staff have years of experience and knowledge to deliver the right healthcare solutions for your needs. Healthcare United works with GPs, Aged Care Facilities, District Nursing Services, Hospitals and Community Services. Healthcare United’s nurses are members of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioner, the Australian Diabetes Educator Association, Wound Australia, Lymphodema Society, AMNF, AHPRA and various other organisations.

So Healthcare United gets it, and wants to create access and bridge the gap in the care you need.

  • In Home Nursing Care

  • Nursing Care At Aged Care Facilities

  • Nursing Care at Post Operative, GP and Specialist Clinics

  • Business and Accreditation Services

About Healthcare United

Healthcare United’s mission is to create access and bridge the gap within the community for your healthcare needs.

Healthcare United is committed to providing health services to the community that are; professional, reliable, dependable and affordable.

At Healthcare United every day we are rewarded by our vision to help our patients, their families and loved ones within the community in any way that we can.

We take the time to understand what your needs are so we can hold your hand and bring a smile to your day.

We service this vision; in a clinic room, in private patient’s home and in residential/aged care facilities.

Another vision of Healthcare United is to provide the right type of medical products to heal a patients’ wound or providing your loved ones with the necessary information to help them care for their family. Healthcare United is there to make that vision a reality.

Healthcare United promises to provide exceptional healthcare services that exceed your expectations and delivers quality outcomes everytime.

Online Market Place

Healthcare United is proud to partner with leading companies of healthcare products so that we can provider the community with access to quality healthcare needs.

Healthcare United has available specialised Business Accounts for GP Clinics, Schools, Aged Care Facilities, Pharmacies or any other business requiring the supply of healthcare products or services.

Please go to the “Business Accounts” tab on the top bar for more information how you can do this by the simple click of a button in the comfort of your own office.

Healthcare United is committed to providing an exceptional service for our clients requiring healthcare products and nursing wound and diabetes care. With having an array of Nurse Practitioner’s and Registered Nurses, along with multiple collaborative agreements with various specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver you outstanding products and nursing care that will meet your healthcare needs.


Healthcare United is committed to helping the community we all live in, to be a better place a give back. Our Donations allow us to help service our vision of creating a better community and providing access to those in need.

Thank you truly for supporting Healthcare United by making our vision a reality for people that need it the most.

100% of donations received go back to helping members of the community. We believe in making a difference and every dollar sent to Healthcare United will go towards helping someone in need.

Healthcare United realises that there is a vast range of needs in the community. Healthcare United has chosen causes that are close to our experts hearts, along with causes that are affecting the wider population and need urgent action.

Our Story

Healthcare United has grown from humble beginnings into a national brand

Our Partners

Healthcare United offers medical products from the highest quality and evidence based practice available