Healthcare United’s Supported Causes

People With Disabilities

“Healthcare United supports all walks of life, big and small footprints and wheels”

Healthcare United’s first started nursing with people with disabilities, so this holds close to our heart. Healthcare United supports the schools and allied health that make the biggest positive impact to these people’s lives and their families.

Healing Wounds Fund

“Helping Support Patients that can’t Afford Wound Products”

Healthcare United knows the burden of a wound, and the impact significantly on your health and well being, so we will help ease that burden where we can.

The Run for The Kids

“Supporting those who cannot support themself”

Healthcare United knows that wounds can come in all shapes and size, young or old. Help Healthcare United support children in need by doing the ‘Run for the Kids’.

Prevention of Diabeties

“Healthcare United connects you to assist to prevent amputations and help the fight against diabetes”

Healthcare United realises one of the biggest contributing factors to diabetes is DFU (Diabetic Foot Ulcers) a burden of the diabetes epidemic. Diabetes can affect many parts of your body, especially your feet. Healthcare United aims to bridge the gap in support, referral pathways and the need for specialised footwear to prevent the burden of this disease.


Thank you for donating to Healthcare United and supporting our causes. Our vision is to create a better community and with your help and suppoirt Healthcare United hopes to realise that vision. We promise that 100% of donations received go back to the community and helping our causes. So thank you for supporting Healthcare United.