Product category –Biatain Silicone Lite is a foam silicone dressing.

Mechanism Of Action – Biatain Silicone Lite is a soft, flexible, absorbent foam dressing with a soft silicone adhesive.

Recommended use– Biatain Silicone Lite can be used on a broad range of exuding wounds, making Biatain Silicone Lite an ideal choice for moist wound healing of commonly occurring wounds. Biatain Silicone Lite has an adaptable layer to conform and protect the peri wound.

Regime –Biatain Silicone Lite can be left on for up to seven days, depending on the level of exudate.

Precautions – If clinical signs of infection are present Biatain Silicone Lite should be used with an antimicrobial dressing.  Biatain Silicone Lite should not be used on individuals who are sensitive or allergic to silicone.

Company – Coloplast

Available sizes –

Biatain Silicone Lite

10cm x 10cm
12.5cm x 12.5cm