Debrisoft Monofilament Fibre Pad

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Debrisoft is a monofilament fibre for debridement.


Product category – Debrisoft is a monofilament fibre for debridement.

Mechanisms Of Action – Debrisoft is monofilament fibre which when 10-30ml of water for injection or normal saline is added to the pad, it creates a wound bed preparation tool for fast, easy and virtually pain free autolytic debridement.

Recommended use– The Debrisoft Lolly head is ideal for hard to reach sloughy areas and cavities. Debrisoft is ideal for diabetes wounds, pressure injury, ulcers, surgical dehiscence, to assist to debride sloughy tissue and remove the debri, to promote the inflammatory response and move the wound into the proliferation wound healing phase.

Regime – Debrisoft is a single use product.

Precautions – Debrisoft is only to be used as a debridement tool, not a dressing. Dressing should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to monofilament fibres.

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10cm x 10cm

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