Hydrofilm Plus

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Hydrofilm® Plus is a self-adhesive tape.

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Product Category – Hydrofilm® Plus is a self-adhesive tape.

Mechanism Of Action – Hydrofilm® Plus is a self-adhesive, transparent wound dressing with an absorbent, acrylic adhesive and hypoallergenic wound dressing pad. The dressing features a semi-permeable polyurethane film, which is waterproof and impermeable to germs. It has a low adherent wound contact layer to enable removal without adherence to the wound.

Recommended use– Hydrofilm® Plus is used as a primary dressing to cover post-operative and minor lesions and Hydrofilm can be used as a secondary dressing for waterproof retention purposes.

Regime – Hydrofilm® Plus can be left on for several days, depending on the level of exudate as it is waterproof and patients can shower with it in place.

Precautions – If clinical signs of infection are present Hydrofilm® rool should not be used. Dressing should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to adhesive tapes.

Company-  Paul Hartmann Australia

Available sizes –

5cm x 7.2cm
10cm x 10cm
9cm x 15cm
10cm x 12cm
10cm x 20cm
10cm x 30cm

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