Hydrosorb Gel

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Hydrosorb gel is a hydrating gel that contains Ringers solution

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Product category– Hydrosorb® gel is a clear, viscous gel.

Mechanism Of Action –Hydrosorb gel contains Ringers solution, glycerol, hydroxy-ethyl cellulose, carboxy-methyl cellulose. Hydrosorb® gel provides a moist wound environment helping to promote wound healing. It softens dry necrotic tissue, while facilitating the removal of devitalised tissue and absorbing wound debris and exudate.

Recommended use– The syringe presentation enables gel application directly into the wound for safe, clean dosing. The clear, viscous, sterile gel which is used for the treatment of dry chronic wounds.

Regime – Hydrosorb gel can be left on a wound for up to 3 days and requires a suitable secondary dressing to prevent drying out.

Precautions – If clinical signs of infection are present Hydrosorb gel should not be used. Dressing should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to hydrocellular gel. Hydrosorb

Company – Paul Hartmann Australia

Available sizes –

8g tube
15g tube

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