IMPERVIA Neosorb Superabsorbent Dressing

Principle Function

IMPERVIA Neosorb Superabsorbent Dressing quickly absorbs and binds large amounts of wound exudate into its ‘heart’ of superabsorbent polymers. The outer ‘envelope’ is ultrasonically bonded (adhesive-free construction) increasing conformability and minimising risk of possible skin reactions.

Recommended Use

IMPERVIA Neosorb Superabsorbent Dressing is suitable for moderate to heavy exudating wounds. Ideal as a secondary dressing and for protection of clothing and linen.

Frequency of Change

IMPERVIA Neosorb Superabsorbent Dressing can be left on for several days, depending on
the level of exudate.

A. The clinician-in-charge is responsible for determining the need for dressing changes, dependent on the stage and phase of wound healing and exudate level.
B. The dressing should be changed when exudate absorption is considered to be extending beyond the wound surface area.
C. 7 days is the maximum period between dressing changes.


IMPERVIA® Neosorb Superabsorbent Dressing should not be inserted into cavities or deep wounds, as swelling of the dressing may cause damage to the surrounding tissue. It should not be used on wounds with light exudate levels, as it may produce a wound environment too dry to support healing. Lastly, it should not be used if allergies to any of it components, is known.

Contact Details

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Available Sizes

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