Product type –  A rehydrating gel

Principle function – It is a clear hydrogel that is designed to help soothe, rehydrate and reduce pain. It helps the skin to heal and return to normal quickly, and to ease pain and discomfort.

Recommended use– SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel is a gentle and soothing treatment for a wide variety of problems, such as minor burns and scalds, cuts, grazes and sunburn.

Frequency of dressing change – SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel  should be changed once every 24–48 hours, but no less than three times a week, daily is recommended if treating burns.

Precautions If the wound appears to be infected an antimicrobial dressing such as Inadine maybe more appropriate.

Contraindications– If the burn is a full or deep thickness burn please consult a medical practitioner prior to use.

Manufacturer – Acelity

Australian supplier – KCi Medical