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Zetuvit® is an absorbent pad.

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Product category – Zetuvit® is an absorbent pad.

Mechanism Of Action –Zetuvit® is covered in a soft, non-woven, hydrophobic polyamide fibre. The inner surface of the cover has a high capillary activity, providing wicking of wound exudate into the central core of bleached cellulose fluff.

Recommended use– Zetuvit is a multi-layered, absorbent dressing pad specifically designed for effective exudate management as a secondary dressing.

Regime –Zetuvit can be left on for several days, depending on the level of exudate.

Precautions – A contact layer is required for healing a wound by primary intention. Dressing should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to materials within the dressing.

Company – Paul Hartmann Australia

Available sizes –

10cm x 10cm
10cm x 20cm
20cm x 20cm
13.5cm x 25cm

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